Guidelines for the design of instructions and information on labels will be presented as a separate issue. Notwithstanding the type of packaging, Jotun´s logotype must have a prominent position. Jotun´s legal name of production unit and adress are to be placed on all packaging in connection with the instructions for use and informative labelling.

1 ltr
90 mm for horizontal logo
60 mm for vertical logo on the front

5 ltr
176 mm for horizontal logo
122 mm for vertical logo on the front

10 ltr
210 mm for horizontal logo
160 mm for vertical logo on the front

20 ltr
210 mm for horizontal logo
210 mm for vertical logo on the front

IPC containers to be clearly Jotun branded.

Jotun packaging, logo sizes
The size and shape of the cans/pails may be different in some countries, making it impossible to use standard size of the logo. In such cases Jotuns Regional or Segment Marketing Manager must be consulted.

These are not to appear on packaging including cans of any sizes. These logos can only be used for referencing in pre-marketing and sales matters where we wish to demonstrate or communicate our Group adherence to International Standards.
Where these are already being used on cans from earlier certification bodies as DnV or others they should be withdrawn immediately following the changeover to the group certification body "Intertek Moody International". No exceptions will be permitted.