A history of innovation and reinvention of high quality products

Jotun has a long history of developing and manufacturing high quality, cost efficient and environmentally compliant products and services that has an impact on the world.

The impact of our work is global. From a regular family home to some of the most famous world landmarks, at Jotun we want to continue impacting every day’s life.
Our employees are a team of pioneers with the purpose to invent and reinvent our products.
At Jotun we care and respect the environment. We want to be an example for others on how success and environmental concerns can and must be thought together. Did you know that the condition of a ship’s underwater hull surface has a substantial impact on its energy efficiency? Or that choosing the right paint can help improve air-quality in a living room, and temperature in a large building?
Through our cutting-edge innovations we protect the environment by reducing marine vessels’ fuel consumption, reducing electricity consumption through heat-reflective paints and producing solvent free powder coatings. Our employees and business network are the sources to develop products and services that has a positive impact on the world.
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