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From the sophistication of painting an iconic building to the ease of painting your beautiful home, we put great effort into our research and development to create the best innovations. Discover how Jotun exceeds your expectations with vibrant and lasting colours.

Iconic Buildings Painted by Jotun

Eiffel Tower

Inaugurated in March of 1889, the Eiffel Tower (while not the tallest) is perhaps the most popular of the world’s most iconic towers – it was after all an entrance and symbol for the World Fair that marked the beginning of the French Revolution. Towering 324m (close to three times the height of Oslo Plaza) into the crystal clear skies of Paris, the Eiffel Tower is viewed as a cultural symbol and pride of France. Repainted every 7 years to protect against rust using 60 tonnes of paint each time along with 25 painters and 1,500 brushes; it remains one of the most well maintained structures in the world.
Is it any wonder the tower receives 7 million visitors each year? Contrary to popular belief, the tower is in fact of three custom colours that offer the illusion of a single colour – a feat that Jotun is proud to be a part of.

Petronas Twin Towers

Speaking of iconic, the Petronas Twin Towers are as iconic as they come – a national symbol of the strides Malaysia has taken as a country. What makes it stand out however; is the architectural design that ingeniously incorporates Islamic culture with modern designs that captures the essence of Malaysia as a multicultural forward moving country.
Today, the towers are still revered as the tallest twin towers in the world coming in just shy of 452m and boast a host of business as well as entertainment establishments including a skybridge midway through the towers (and is the highest 2-storey skybridge in the world). This 88-storey skyscraper set within the Garden City of Lights is protected by the immaculate qualities of Jotun that has contributed to the timeless and impervious look.

Burj Khalifa

Standing at a staggering 829.8m high in the heart of the "City of Gold", the Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and probably the most iconic of buildings today. The grand structure, with 163 floors, houses everything from offices and shops to a 27 acre park complete with the famous Dubai Fountain, apartments and hotels including the world’s first Armani Hotel. Visitors are also introduced to a spectacular view of the city as far as 10 miles once atop the tallest observation deck.

It is thus an honour and indictment of quality that Jotun is the choice of paint for what must be the most prominent tower currently. In total, 487,000 litres of Jotun paint and 122,000kg of powder coating was used to help iconize this architectural marvel.