MSC Oscar ( South Korea - 2015 )

MSC Oscar used Jotun’s HPS newbuilding solution with SeaQuantum X200 to maximise its energy efficiency.

  • Owner: China’s Bank of Communications
  • On long-term charter to: Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)
  • Yard: Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering shipyard
  • Vessel type: Container vessel
  • DWT: 19,224 TEU
  • Dimensions: Length 395.4m, Breadth 59m
  • Coatings: SeaQuantum X200, Jotacote Universal N10, Jotatop EP10WF
To reduce bunkering fuel costs and associated CO₂ emissions, MSC undertook a comprehensive programme to improve fuel efficiency in 2011. During this period, they worked in close cooperation with Jotun to evaluate hull performance and launch a pilot programme to test the impact of antifouling on speed loss. Jotun’s SeaQuantum X200 was applied to the 8,772 TEU containership MSC Adelaide, delivered from the Sungdong Yard in Korea in 2013.

SeaQuantum X200 has shown to be an effective antifouling technology to lower fuel costs and associated carbon emissions, consistent with MSC’s commitment to a healthier supply chain. We valued the quality of Jotun’s technical service during all phases of the project and have since chosen SeaQuantum X200 HPS for a number of other vessels.
Senior Marine Engineers
MSC’s Technical Office
MSC has remained a true giant in the container segment by quietly making smart investments at the right time to improve their business and improve environmental performance. We are confident that they have made the right choice with HPS.
Roberto Multari
Regional Marine Sales Director
Jotun Italia S.p.A.