Technical training

Do you or your personnel want to learn more about paint, surface preparation, corrosion protection, coating survey, application or other topics that have an impact on the life cycles for your properties? Explore the different types of training you can attend; Jotun Paint School, tailor-made seminars and third party certifications which includes FROSIO and Trainthepainter.

Jotun training centres are established to increase the knowledge about paints and coatings, for existing as well as new customers and Jotun employees.
The facilities and content may differ; all courses may not be available in all centres at all times.

Training of Jotun personnel at the training centre in Singapore

Who should attend?
All individuals with an interest in learning more about paints and coatings are welcome to sign up for Jotun’s courses and seminars, for example:
  • Project engineers, consultants, architects, construction managers, surveyors, superintendents
  • Sales personnel, purchasers, specifies, consultants
  • Manufacturing personnel, QA and QC personnel, contractors
  • Students and any personnel related to surface treatment and paint application
Conditions that will normally apply:
  • Most courses require a minimum and a maximum number of participants
  • Jotun Paint School and tailor-made seminars will be charged per event according to agreement
  • Third party certification courses have a certification fee
  • The participants must cover own travel expenses, accommodation and meals outside course hours
To attend or get more details, contact your local Jotun office.

Since the early 1970’s we have held Jotun Paint School courses for customers and users of Jotun products. It has evolved along with the paint technology over the years, and the topics are: 

  • Why and what do we paint
  • Corrosion
  • Paint technology
  • Surface preparation
  • Application
  • Health and safety
  • GreenSteps
  • Practical training (optional)
In addition specific subjects may be covered upon request, such as antifouling, drydock, newbuilding, etc.

There are two levels, and both can be completed with a written test: 

  • Basic theory (1 day) that can be succeeded with practical training (1 day)
  • Advanced theory (2 days) that can be succeeded with practical training (1 day)
Jotun Paint School can be arranged at Jotun's training centre or at the customer's own premises. 

To attend or get more details, contact your local Jotun office.