The Jotun Multicolor story

Jotun's colour tinting system, Multicolor, is world leading with over 9,000 installations in more than 100 countries. Multicolor has been the strategic tool for Jotun in the Decorative Paints Segment since the introduction back in 1976. The Multicolor concept was the strategic edge in Norway in the beginning and later in several fast-developing paint markets all over the world.

Develop and offer tinting equipment and concepts exceeding customer expectations

The Multicolor concept has developed from a technical solution for tinting of colours to a concept for selling colours and paints in an efficient way. Our unique tinting software, Jotun Colour Manager is developed by Jotun. The software is developed based on customer needs, delivering the most accurate colours in the easiest way.

To obtain a wide colour assortment and high colour accuracy and stability, colour formulations are tailor made for optimum result when being used with Jotuns approved tinting system.

Always up to date with Jotun Global Network

Jotuns colour databases is shared via Jotun Global Network to more than 9000 Multicolor machines all over the world. This unique infrastructure allows dealers to get instant access to new products, colours and online technical support. Jotun Global Network helps us to reduce the downtime and ensures that our tinting equipment always are up to date.

Problem-free solutions of high quality to meet demand in different sales channels

The Multicolor concept brings significant savings through lower capital demand as well as by giving improved customer service. The consistent and prominent branding of the system also enhance the dealer’s image. By removing the need for many different can-sizes of colored paint and replacing them with a small number of bases, total stock keeping units was reduced with more than 90 %. This did not only simplify the process of tinting, but also added the convenience and feel of the paint shopping experience.

Preferred products above competition that are easy to use and maintain

Jotun Multicolor is a concept and a brand, and in many ways the Multicolor Centers are the main consumer touchpoints, a major part of the decision processes and the preferred choice in the markets where we operate.

Enhancing the image of the paint shops

Multicolor centre with appealing trend colours

Jotun's Multicolor systems and the shop display system give the paint shops an image of being technologically modern and professional.

We strive to make dealing with Jotun products a good experience for all target groups, the shop front being clean, tidy, stand out and being attractive.