The HullKeeper Program

Jotun has developed an innovative program to optimize hull performance regardless of the chosen coating. Designed to help identify potential fouling problems before they slow vessels down,  HullKeeper enables the ship operator to take hull control and make better decisions faster, through the following services:

HullKeeper Monitoring
HullKeeper Monitoring keeps track of the many variables that affect hull performance. These include the vessel’s trading pattern and other factors that influence fouling pressure. It can seamlessly give ship operators the operational profile for a single vessel or for their entire fleet.

HullKeeper Alerts
HullKeeper Alerts continuously evaluates a vessel’s fouling risk and an alert is triggered by Jotun’s advanced algorithm when the fouling risk reaches a certain threshold. The need for further action is evaluated to ensure the hull performance is maintained. 

HullKeeper Inspections 
The HullKeeper program offers underwater hull inspections with an ROV which effectively provides eyes under water. The inspection is summarized in a detailed high-quality inspection report compiled by Jotun’s hull performance expert team. The report includes an assessment of observed hull condition, considers operational history of the vessel, and serves as basis for a dialogue on recommended actions to enhance hull performance.

HullKeeper Advisory
Jotun has close to 100 years of experience in optimizing hull performance. This expertise is made available to our customers through HullKeeper Advisory, which provides high-quality reports and presentations, and allows in-depth discussions with our hull performance expert team.