Flexforce technology

The Flexforce technology enables fast desorption of cargoes without exhausting the coating. This leads to longer maintenance interval and minimal risk of cargo cross contamination.

Cargo flexibility 
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Turnaround time 
A coating with fast desorption require less ventilation time prior to re-loading the vessel. Tankguard Flexline requires few ventilation days even after carrying aggressive cargoes.

Temperature resistance 
Loading and unloading certain cargo, for instance palm oil, requires an increase in the cargo temperature. Tankguard Flexline can handle the necessary increase in temperature without damaging the coating.

Challenging cargo cycles can contribute to coating fatigue and need for premature maintenance. Tankguard Flexline endures exposure to aggressive cargoes, extended cleaning cycles, hot cargoes and repeated absorption and desorption cycles of low molecular cargoes, without this contributing to premature coating fatigue. 

​The solvoxirane chemistry used in Tankguard Flexline gives the cargo tank coating its flexibility to repeatedly absorb / desorb various cargoes during cargo tank cycles, including aggressive chemicals, with minimal impact on its long term durability.​

The structure of chemistry utilized gives the elasticity to overcome premature micro-cracking of the binder system caused by the tension of cargo molecules moving through the polymer network.​

After unloading the unique solvoxirane binder technology therefore allows any absorbed cargoes to swiftly be released from the coating film.

The influence of the Flexforce technology is illustrated in this video: