Jotatemp 250 utilises composite technology to increase its suitability for service in high temperature operations, both for insulated and non-insulated areas. The coating is specifically engineered to withstand the high temperatures of hot steel structures, even during steam-outs or high temperature process steps.

With its ability to withstand continuous temperatures up to 250°C and peak temperatures as high as 300°C, Jotatemp 250 provides the highest level of safety and protection of any epoxy containing coating on the market. 

From both an economic and HSE perspective the consequence of coating failure can be massive, as the coating protects the steel from corrosion. This is even more true for insulated areas where a coating failure will be hidden by the insulation and can go undetected until the now unprotected steel corrodes to a critical degree. Both offshore and onshore installations have rigorous safety requirements and high demands for the efficient running of their plants.

To protect both life and property, a coating is needed that not only provides excellent anticorrosive performance in insulated and non-insulated areas, but one that can also withstand the thermal exposures found at refineries and petrochemical plants. The coating also needs to provide safety margins to prevent failure should high peak temperatures occur. 

Jotatemp 250 meets these requirements.