Dual corrosion protection
Traditional zinc silicates use galvanic protection, so once zinc is consumed, the coating no longer offers corrosion protection. Jotatemp 540 Zinc combines galvanic and barrier protection, by adding barrier effect to zinc silicates.

High temperature resistance
Jotatemp 540 Zinc is designed to withstand high temperatures and provide good corrosion protection. It has been specifically designed for use on areas that operate at temperatures above 120°C, and is resistant to continuous high temperatures up to 540°C. 

It provides corrosion protection as a single coat and can be used under insulation if overcoated with a high temperature coating designed to offer protection against CUI.

More robust application process
The addition of flexibilizing agents in zinc silicates greatly reduces the risk of mud cracking.

Streamlined construction process
Without the need to remove zinc on high temperature areas, Jotatemp 250 or Jotatemp 1000 Ceramic can be applied on top – streamlining construction processes.

Improved curing at low temperature and relative humidity
Moisture absorbing additives allow Jotatemp 540 Zinc to be applied under more challenging environmental conditions than ever before.