Marathon 1000 XHB - reinforced with glass flakes for optimised performance

Unrivalled strength and endurance

Marathon 1000 GF delivers superior impact- and abrasion resistance, living up to the 30 years heritage of the Marathon brand

It can be applied up to 1000 µm in one coat and forms a  solid barrier against the elements, giving excellent protection over an extended time. Multiple layers of glass flakes in the film give enhanced performance to the strong epoxy resin. 

The glass flakes improve the barrier effect and minimise volumetric shrinkage. In addition they also improve cohesion and adhesion strength of the cured coating film.

Better for users and the environment

Marathon 1000 XHB is solvent free – making it better for both the environment and the applicator. 

Low emissions of VOC – only 40 g/l – mean that Marathon 1000 XHB delivers better performance than most other high build solvent free epoxy coatings. 

No need for extra thinning on-site to ensure ideal application properties. 

Marathon 1000 XHB contains no mutagenic substances – like phenols, which are often used in similar types of product. In addition there is no emission of di-isocyanates, and it passes the analytical test at IFKAN.

Well established technology also suitable for colder climates

Marathon 1000 XHB is easy to apply with standard application equipment.

Traditional glass flake epoxy coatings have difficulty in achieving a smooth finish – whereas Marathon 1000 XHB has good flow properties and gives a smooth finish.

Marathon 1000 XHB and Marathon 1000 GF are epoxy based, a technology with well known application properties and predictable life-time expectations. They are the only products of their kind that will dry and cure at temperatures as low as 5°C.