Jotun established Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) in 2011 to make it easy for operators to maximise hull performance and thereby reduce both fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions. It consists of Jotun’s advanced antifouling products, combined with its transparent method for measuring the impact of antifouling on vessel energy efficiency.

The key components of Jotun HPS include: 

Antifouling coating systems 
Jotun HPS builds upon the excellent performance of the SeaQuantum brand. SeaQuantum X200 is the first of a new generation of antifouling paints and is the result of over 20 years research and development within silyl acrylate. It is the optimal fuel saver and offers unrivalled performance compared with other products in the market. 

Jotun HPS is also applicable for a variety of antifouling products, including SeaQuantum S-Line, SeaQuantum ProU and SeaMate, all optimised for different combinations of speed and trade and delivering a substantial improvement in hull performance. 

Technical service 
Paint by itself is a semi-finished product, and hull performance is greatly influenced also by the quality of pre-treatment and application.  

Every pre-treatment and application is supported by a HPS certified project manager and coating advisors. Our high performance application procedures have been optimised for delivering the smoothest possible hull surface and include a comprehensive regime for measuring and documenting the solutions contribution to reducing average hull roughness. 

Performance monitoring 
Jotun’s HPS analysis service fully complies with ISO 19030. It isolates the impact of a ship’s underwater surfaces on its energy efficiency by tracking relative changes in the relationship between the power delivered to the propeller and speed through water over time. 

Significant sources of random and systematic error are managed by collecting data with a very high frequency, by using a set of pre-defined data filters and normalisation procedures, as well as a quality assurance protocol that includes monitoring of the correlation between different sensors.  

The services clearly demonstrate hull and propeller performance over the full docking interval and enables the investment to be monitored throughout lifetime. 

Performance contract 
Jotun has developed a set-up for performance-based contracting where Jotun either documents that high hull performance has been delivered or returns the additional investment in the hull performance solution. 

Customers are in effect paying for delivered high performance – not for paint with the promise of high performance.  

Jotun’s high performance guarantees have been designed to offer customers unrivalled flexibility in terms of operation.