Digital Guidelines – Social media

Guidelines for the use of Jotun logo and images on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Templates for cover pictures and channel art in PhotoShop PSD format and ready made profile pictures in JPG format. Download links at the bottom of each tab below.

Profile picture

Jotun’s corporate profile image on Facebook contains the logo without payoff on a Jotun blue background. The profile image must be used for all Jotun corporate, brand / segments and sub-brands.
The logo size follows the requirements for small size clear space in order to ensure an optimal display on Facebook’s squared profile picture and rounded thumbnails.

Non-permitted usage: 

  • Do not use the Jotun logo with payoff in profile image
  • Do not add extra text alongside the logo
  • Do not use any photo, product, graphics or pattern as a background

Cover photo

Top banner: 820 x 312 px
Safe area visible on all devices: 555 x 312 px

Here are some recommendations to help you choose a cover photo that is consistent with Jotun’s corporate identity and values.

  • Choose a picture that complements Jotun’s corporate colours
  • It is not mandatory to use the Jotun logo on Facebook’s cover photo, but when it is used, it must be positioned in the upper right corner. Use the logo without payoff
  • Pay particular attention to the colours that are displayed behind the Jotun logo. The image and its elements should not affect the legibility of the logo
  • Remember that the cover picture is the same for desktop and mobile devices. Choose a picture with relatively few elements and keep them inside the safe area in order to ensure that your message displays correctly on all devices
  • Always use high quality and high resolution images

Examples – Corporate

Examples – Campaign