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Regulatory and commercial advantage easily unlocked for owners with the right antifouling, says Jotun


PRESS RELEASE: Today’s shipowners face a simultaneous battle on two fronts, states leading paint and coatings manufacturer Jotun. A growing pressure to comply with ever more stringent environmental regulations is matched by a need to control costs, and enhance efficiency, in an increasingly competitive and unpredictable marketplace.

Jotun, HHI and HMM join forces to unlock green benefits with proactive hull cleaning


PRESS RELEASE: Three global shipping leaders have united to sign a MOU in a push for cleaner, more efficient and greener vessel hull performance.

Success of Jotun’s solvent free coating paves way for global launch


PRESS RELEASE: Jotun, a global leader in marine coatings, is ready to launch its proven Jotacote Universal S120 primer to the worldwide marked after three years of success in the North East Asian and West European market.

Jotun launches SeaQuantum III series featuring microZone™ technology for tailor-made fouling protection


PRESS RELEASE: Jotun has today announced the launch of a range of premium antifouling coatings to succeed its market leading SeaQuantum S-line offering tailor-made fouling protection. The silyl methacrylate-based SeaQuantum III series, with products tailored for customer specific vessel operational profiles, sets a new industry standard, keeping biofouling under control to deliver an average speed loss performance of just 2% over a 60-month period. This translates to compelling owner benefits in terms of operational efficiency, environmental protection and huge fuel savings – USD 500K per year on average for a 3,000 TEU feeder container ship, and the gains extend with larger vessels and fuel price hikes.

Jotun offers Superyachts unique lifecycle support with launch of JotunCare


PRESS RELEASE: Jotun is cementing its position as a preferred coatings partner within the Superyacht segment with the launch of JotunCare, a unique after-sales and lifecycle service solution. The Norwegian headquartered firm, the number one global provider of advanced marine coatings and antifoulings, has built the offer around four cornerstones, tailored specifically to meet market needs. The result is a solution delivering long-term support to Superyacht captains, officers and their crew, helping them optimize and maintain coatings for maximum performance, durability and protection.