Local commitment

Good local community relations are necessary for our business success.

Besides, the local communities are our hosts, they provide us with our working environment, workforce and licenses to run our operations. In return Jotun gives employment, pays tax and contributes to the overall development of the community. Mutual understanding and respect are key words. 

At Jotun, there are many examples of commitment to the local communities, in addition to being a responsible citizen in the area we operate.

Puppies for peace

Jotun is sponsering the training of a second mine detection dog, ‘Jotun’, a young Belgian Shepherd Malinois


Jotun with his trainer Hoem Then

In 2015 Jotun “hired” the first puppy and gave him the name “Jotun”. Once he was fully trained, “Jotun” and his handler started working with mine cleaning in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The second dog, also called "Jotun", is now fully educated and he is be able to detect hidden landmines and explosive remnants of war (ERWs) in some of the world’s most dangerous places. Jotun and his handler will join 80 other NPA dogs in Cambodia, where an estimated three to five million mines and explosive remnants of war lie hidden under the soil. 

Dogs are the single most effective means to detect hidden mines or unexploded ordinance.
Every year, thousands of people are killed or maimed by landmines and explosive remnants of war An NPA-trained mine detection dog can clear up to 800 square meters of land in a single day No dogs trained by the NPA have ever been killed or injured by mines or ERWs in the line of duty Jotun the dog is a welcome addition to the penguin family. One of Jotun’s core values is Care, and we are proud to support the work of the Norwegian People’s Aid. NPA is a global organisation, but their impact is very local.

Follow the Jotun dogs' development here

  • Australia

    Oxfam trailwalker

    Around the globe, Oxfam works to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. Oxfam trailwalker is Australia's original 100 km team endurance event which was launched in Australia in 1999. The challenge is to tackle 100 km of Australian bush within 48 hours as a team of 4, and to make a difference by raising money to help overcome poverty and injustice around the world. Since 1999, the event has grown each year, with events now run in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.  With the support of more than 2,500 volunteers and 6,000 support crew members, the event last year raised AUD$6.6 million!

    Jotun Australia is proud to support Bill Sherwood (far left on the picture), a fellow Australian Penguin Retiree who is participating in the Brisbane event which will take place on 20 - 22 June in the D'Aguilar National Park. Over the next few weeks, Bill and his team will be conditioning themselves for the tough challenge ahead of them.

    We wish Bill and his team good luck with their ongoing training preparation and we are confident they will do well at the trailwalker challenge!

    Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

    Jotun Australia hosted a fundraising morning tea on 22 May 2014 as part of the Australia's Biggest Morning Tea campaign to help the Cancer Council continue its vital work in cancer research, prevention and support services. Cancer Council is the largest independent funder of cancer research in Australia, granting more than $54 million to cancer research in 2013.

    The event was a great opportunity for employees to get together and raise money for a great cause. Thanks to the generosity of employees, the event was very successful, and a total of $290 was raised to support the Cancer council.

  • Cambodia

    Making life safer in Cambodia

    With Jotun’s support, the team is able to clear around nine football fields in one month.

    Cambodia has the world’s second largest number of land mines per square kilometre and one in every 245 people in Cambodia is an amputee due to land mine injuries. Jotun is helping to rid the country of these weapons by funding a land-mine clearing team through NPA. The team operates in Kratie province in eastern Cambodia, which is one of the worst affected parts of the country.

    Jotun’s team consists of a male supervisor, two male searchers that remove the mines, two female dog handlers and two explosive detection dogs, called Rypa and Razz that search and find the mines. Dogs are twenty times faster at seeking out land mines than a human with a metal detector and NPA has now also started to use dogs for cluster bomb clearance. With Jotun’s support, this team is able to clear around nine football fields in one month.

    Children’s Hospital Kantha Bopha IV

    Children’s Hospital Kantha Bopha IV in Phnom Penh

    Parents with their children waiting in line to be examined by the medical officers.

    2nd January 2014 marked an important chapter for Jotun Cambodia Ltd as we were two years old. We celebrated through our SR program by donating USD 2,000 to the Children’s Hospital Kantha Bopha IV in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

    The Kantha Bopha hospitals look after about 85% of all the sick children in Cambodia. 80% of the seriously ill and hospitalized children would not have a chance of survival without the Kantha Bopha hospitals.

    The treatment is free of charge for all the children. 80% of the Cambodians are without means and 80% of our patients come from families with a daily income of I USD or less. It is simply impossible for them to pay!
    Kantha Bopha is an unparalleled success story around the world in the health care sector; since 1992 over a million seriously ill children have been hospitalized and fully cured by the Kantha Bopha hospitals, and the number of out-patient treatments have amounted to more than 10 million.

    Safety helmets

    Donating safety helmets

    Mr Martin Chew and Ronnie Ooi together with Mdm. Map Somaya from the children home during the helmets presentation

    Jotun Cambodia Ltd. has donated 100 pcs of safety helmets to “Mith Samlanh” which means “Friends” in Khmer. This organization began on the streets of Phnom Penh in 1994 and it is now an award winning local NGO recognized as a leader in child protection and child welfare. Another 100 pcs was donated to Cambodian National Police for distribution to poor families during their Road Safety Month programme. 100 pcs has also been donated to temples, churches and NGO’s for their distribution to those in need of it.

  • China

    School funding

    Jotun Coatings China continuously funds school projects in China. Watch the video about the Qinghai School Project on the Tibetan Plateau.

    Smile with Jotun

    Computers in classroom

    Laughter in the Jotun Computer Classroom. With these new computers, students get more opportunity to study IT skills, surf the internet and be open to the outside world.

    The Tongren National School is located in a Tibetan area of Qinghai province and has 1,647 junior and senior high-school students. All students come from rural families, 75 % of which live in poverty.

    Jotun Computer Classroom. Tongren National School has only one computer classroom, with 50 computers for all of the students. This means that every 30 students must share a computer!

    To facilitate better education, Jotun China donated RMB200,000 (USD30,000) to establish a new computer classroom with computers and IT accessories.

    Jotun Class. Jotun China will donate RMB 742,000 (USD 114,000) in three years (2011-2013) to set up a Jotun Class for sponsoring 50 selected students to complete their three-year senior high school education.

    Summer camp

    The "Jotun Class" visits Shanghai

    Jotun China organized and financed a 5-day summer camp for 55 students from the “Jotun Class” in June, 2013. It’s the first time that the students left their hometown located in the Tibetan highland, to explore a new world with a significantly different environment, culture and economy. Students visited the metropolitan city of Shanghai, Jotun Zhangjiagang factory and were impressed by the wonderful penguin spirit. “It’s a really enjoyable and eye-opening experience. Not only is it for fun, but it’s also about learning about things we don’t cover in our daily school studies,” said one “Jotun Class” student.

    Winter Jackets Donation

    Students wearing Jotun donated winter jackets

    In autumn of 2013, Jotun China launched a “Warm winter together with Jotun” programme, delivered 2000 pieces of new winter jackets and 12 cartons of second-hand winter clothes donated by individual penguins for keeping all students warm in the freezing season.

    Previous School Project

    Jotun China funded a school on the Tibetan Plateau of Qinghai

    Early in 2009 and 2010, Jotun China funded a school on the Tibetan Plateau of Qinghai, with RMB960,000 (USD140,000) for construction of a new school building and a solar energy project for the school’s hot water and electricity system.

    With involvement in educational projects, Jotun China hopes to contribute to the economic growth in these rural areas, creating a better future and showing we care.

  • Czech Republic

    Devastating floods

    Several floods in The Czech Republic in 2013

    In connection with the devastating floods that severely affected the region, Jotun Powder Coatings (CZ) a.s. made a donation of CZK 50 000 to a program aimed at helping and supporting people who were hit by flooding.

    The aim of the announced grant round was to mitigate the impacts and consequences of the floods of June 2013 in the districts of Decin , Litoměřice, Teplice and Ústí nad Labem, while promoting preventive measures to reduce the threat and consequences of future floods. Eligible applicants were non-profit organizations and local civic initiatives.

    Strengthening People-to-Places Relations

    Jotun Powder Coatings (CZ) a.s. contributed to The Ústí Community Foundation who set up a grant making programme to contribute to the strengthening of the sense of belonging and relations to places where we live, to the reviving of active engagement of local people and increasing their interest in the public space and shared responsibility for public affairs governance. It is so because we believe that “when we like the place where we live, take care of it, and look after it, then the place will be alive and flourishing”.

    Jotun Powder Coatings (CZ) a.s. was involved in three projects; "Doing sports in kindergarten", "Talks with national minorities" and "Respect and be respected".

  • Denmark

    Kolding Christmas Seal Home

    Dorthe Lund (left), general manager of Jotun Danmark A/S and Nadia Vikestad, HR & Admin Manager with the donation from Jotun, a cheque of DKK 33,000 for Kolding Christmas Seal Home

    Christmas dinner 2013 in Jotun Danmark A/S raised DKK 33,000 (USD 6,030) for the establishment of Kolding Christmas Seal Home. 

    At last year’s Christmas dinner, which were held at the HQ in Kolding according to tradition, a new initiative was taken, a charity auction at the benefit of the Christmas Seal Homes. The items at the auction had been delivered by customers, suppliers and Jotun. Carpets, curtains, table cloths, accessories for your home etc. were among the items at the auction – all items shifted owners and money shifted hands, and the 48 employees at Jotun Danmark had collected DKK 16,500 for the Danish Christmas Seal Homes, the company doubled the amount, and an amount of DKK 33.000 was raised.

    Christmas Seals and the Christmas Seal Homes help improve the lives of unfortunate children in Denmark. A stay at a Christmas Seal Home offers children some breathing space from their everyday problems. The stay is very important in a child’s life – both at the time of residence and in the years to come. Currently there are approximately 700 children waiting to stay at a Christmas Seal Home.

  • Egypt

    Comprehensive School Makeover Project

    ''Abou Abed'' School in Assuit was chosen as a pilot school for the makeover project

    At the beginning of this year, Jotun Egypt launched the initiative, ''A Comprehensive School Makeover", in cooperation with General Authority for Educational Buildings and other stakeholders who focus on providing decent classrooms, educational buildings, entertainment areas, playgrounds in order to achieve a productive and attractive educational environment, while raising the morals, comprehensiveness and understandability of students and adults alike.

    They chose ''Abou Abed'' School in Assuit as a pilot school for the project. It’s one of the biggest schools in Assuit, situated about 20 minutes outside the city center. The school serves a large number of surrounding villages and remote areas. It comprises 6 classrooms and 220 students, in addition to hobbies and activities venues.

    The renovation and maintenance work, including proper sanitary venues, painting the school buildings, providing ventilation fans, desks, chairs, repainting classrooms with colourful paints, all that helped adding a marvelous look to the school and attracting students to attend instead of playing truant.

    Jotun has contributed to considerable improvement in healthcare facilities

    Ain Shams University Hospital.

    The foundation's projects are in Ain Shams University Hospital.

    Yahiya Arafa Children`s Charity Foundation is a non governmental organization under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity. Their mission is to make a considerable improvement in healthcare facilities provided for children who suffer from serious medical conditions, in hospitals that provide free and subsidized services to a great number of patients.

    Jotun has contributed with supplying free paint. All the paint works were done by using the product "Fenomastic Gold" as that kind of environment requires specific paint features as antibacterial, anti-fungus, crack prevention and fire retarding.

    The foundation's projects are in Ain Shams University Hospital. The first project was renovating the Paediatric Cardiac Surgery unit and the second one was renovating the Paediatric General Surgery Unit.

    Other projects in recent years

    • Friends of Children with Cancer (FOCC) - Jotun has supplied free paint for the FOCC's Project, "Health and Hope Oasis", a nutritional and recreational centre for children in between their cancer treatment in Wadi Al-Natrun, Beheira Governorate, Egypt.
    • Egyptian Medical Students Association - Jotun has supplied free paint needed for the first phase of the project "Splashes of Hope". This project is held in Health Insurance Hospital in Nasr City, Cairo. A total number of five patient rooms in the Paediatrics Ward has been designed and coloured to become a healing environment for sick children.
    • "Yalla Negamel Baladna" - a campaign driven by Jotun where the mission is to join forces to beautify the community. Free painting material, overalls and paint application tools is provided to civic groups in order to support their efforts and brighten up various parts of the city with Jotun paints.

  • Germany

    Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke

    From left: Sabrina Carl/Jotun, Stefan Koenig/Jotun and Martina Ritter/Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke

    A large donation was made to "Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke". The hospice for children was founded in 1999 and has rooms for 12 children and their families.

    It is one of the biggest out of nine hospices for children in Germany. The "Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke" is meant for children and young people up to an age of 27 years suffering from incurable or degenerative diseases reducing life expectancy. The institution offers families the possibility to be together from diagnosis of the child to the final end. Even after that parents will be supported in their grief.  

    Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke is mainly living on donations and it is supported by many German celebrities. 
    Our donation goes to the "Garten der Erinnerung" (Garden of Memories) for extension and redesigning after the winter period.

    The "Garten der Erinnerung" with copper mushrooms, one for each child

    For each child who died in the hospice their parents set up a copper mushroom with a candle in the memorial. In memory of the children on each birthday and day of death a picture of the child is placed next to the mushroom.

    In addition to the donation we handed over tickets for the "Tropen-Aquarium Hamburg" for all families currently living in the hospice. "Tropen-Aquarium" is a house with lots of tropical reptiles, insects and fishes. Hopefully the visit of the “Tropen-Aquarium" will be a wonderful experience for all children and their families.

    Stiftung Mittagskinder

    A considerable donation was made to "Stiftung Mittagskinder". This foundation is operating two facilities. Here children with a difficult social background are offered free and healthy meals on regular basis.

  • Greece and Cyprus

    Peaceplayers International

    The basketball team participated in The Hansa basketball cup in Bergen

    Peaceplayers International is a non-profit organization that brings children from communities in conflict together to play basketball. In Cyprus, Peaceplayers focus on promoting the peaceful coexistence between the children of the two communities, North and South Cyprus, which have been separated since 1974.

    Jotun contributed to the organization in 2013. The event was initiated by the Norwegian Embassy of Greece and Cyprus and cosponsored by Jotun Turkey and Jotun Cyprus. It was also supported by the staff of Jotun Hellas. It involved 12 children, 6 from each community, forming a basketball team and travelling to Bergen, Norway, to participate in The Hansa basket ball cup. The children were hosted by local families in Nesodden.  

    The idea of bringing Cypriot youth from the South and Northern Cyprus is in parallel with Jotun’s profound principle to prevent discrimination of any kind (gender, race, religion, politics, etc), which is also an important aspect of human rights. The children travelled together, played together, learned from each other and interacted with children from Norway, away from ethnic, cultural or religious discrimination.  

    The event was a great success. The Peaceplayers won the second prize in the tournament but the final outcome is much more than winning or losing. The Peaceplayers started as mixed group of boys from different communities, who managed to overcome social and communal barriers and ended up as a team. The feedback from the hosting families is that they could not realise that the 12 children come from different communities.

    Jotun is proud of contributing to the efforts of reversing prejudices in the local communities built over the years and fostering the long-term trust necessary for peaceful coexistence of the two communities in Cyprus.

  • India

    Laptop donation to rural school to improve students' IT skills

    An exciting moment – Mr. Mahesh Hire from JIPL IT department explaining the basic operations of a laptop

    Today’s world is an E–learning world. Pupils attending village schools in remote areas are facing challenges regarding IT knowledge due to lack of resources from the government and the society.

    Thanks to Jotun India’s CR initiative, Kalilamata Vidhyalaya school got help in best possible manner through the donation of previous generation but still fully functional laptops.

    The school is situated in the village “Wagahale” which is located in a remote area approx. 20 kilometres from our Ranjangaon factory.

    Jotun India CR team visited to the school for handing over the laptops and received a warm welcome by school staff, the head of village government and the students. Students were enthusiastic to receive the laptops and excited to learn operating them.

    SOS Children’s Villages of India (Balgram)

    SOS Children’s Villages of India

    Jotun cares for orphaned children through SOS Children’s Villages of India (SOS India). 

    SOS India is a non-profit, non-government organization working towards providing a loving home to the children who have lost their parents or are at a risk of losing care of their parents. 

    Since 1964, SOS India is reaching out to thousands of children and families every day through SOS Children’s Villages, the Family Strengthening Program and allied community projects.

    Today, there are 33 SOS Children’s Villages, 34 Family Strengthening Programs and other projects such as Kindergartens, Schools, Medical & Vocational Training Centres spread in 21 states of India. The approach is to ensure sustained family based care and holistic development – Education, nutrition, psychological, settlement – for children so that they become contributing members of society.

    Jotun has contributed to the organization since 2009 and has sponsored a "Village Family home" housing of 10 children. Jotun is further working with the organization to explore direct participation in children's development activity by involving our penguins to volunteer in different activities.

    School furniture for the shool for hearing and speech impaired at Anandwan

    Jotun has supported the with funding of Rs. 500000 for the furniture for the school of hearing-speech impaired children.

    "Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Warora” (MSS), popularly known as Anandwan', is in its 63rd year of humanitarian service. Today, this Institution has five important project sites spread across 300 kilometers of the backward region of Central India, providing free food, clothing, medicines and housing for approximately 5,000 able-disabled people.

    The school needed new furniture for the children because the 30 year old desks in two schools were in bad condition and were very uncomfortable.

    Earn and learn - en education programme

    On Sundays, the 25 students working in the Pune factory full time as operators and warehouse staff gather in a classroom setup at the factory to learn Math and Science and other subject relating to paint technology from qualified YIT instructors.

    For many young Indians, choosing between getting an education and helping to support their families can be difficult. But thanks to the cooperation between Jotun and the Yashaswi Institute of Technology in Pune, now they can do both.  

    In a programme developed by the government of Maharashtra, Jotun and Yashaswi Institute of Technology (YIT) Jotun is providing support to young student who want to finish their education in engineering. The opportunity to continue their education and income to help support their families at the same time.

    “Many young people in India cannot afford to take time off from work to get an education. Instead of simply donating funds to needy individuals, we pay for a portion of their education and provide valuable work experience.”

    Other projects in recent years

    • Distance education programme (RDEP) - Jotun has sponsored two schools with the RDEP system, an Audio-Visual E-learning classroom set up consisting Computer preloaded with curriculum based audio-visual e-Learning software, LCD projector and power back up along with required infrastructure and installations. The set up is supported on-site for 3 years including software upgrades. The school teachers are trained to operate the software.
    • Beyond barriers - Jotun contributes to the travel fare for four enterprising individuals who despite their disabilities, are passionate to spread the word that community-members like themselves are given equal opportunities when it comes to experiencing travel and tourism.
    • The Jotun India CR Team has  taken the first steps in creating a healthier population in the Indian cities of Mumbai and Pune, by visiting local orphanages, alongside a force of volunteers, to inform the kids about hygienic habits.
  • Indonesia

    Blood donation

    blood donation

    Mr. Indra Suryaputra (General Manager) was the first to donate his blood to open the blood donation activity officially.

    Jotun Powder Coatings Indonesia conducted a blood donation activity in collaboration with Indonesia Red Cross. The participants (99 people) were Jotun employees, customers, suppliers and companies from the communities around Powder Indonesia factory. 

    This is the first blood donation activity in Legok area (where Powder Indonesia is located).

    By donating our blood, we show that we CARE.

    Other projects in recent years

    • Donation of 7,000 piggy banks to school children
    • Mount Merapi, Indonesia, erupted lava from its southern and southeastern slopes - Jotun Indonesia initiated a project helping out the people of Pramaban, Sleman and Cangkringan.
  • Italy

    Sponsoring the sports event Fijlkam in Bari

    The Fijlkam event in Bari

    800 children from all over Italy participated in the sports event

    Jotun Italia participated and sponsored  the Fijlkam event, which was held in Bari, Italy on 21st and 22nd December 2013. More than 800 children, coming from different parts of Italy, took part in the event and attended various karate and judo classes, in front of about 1000 people. The title of the event was “Legalità, Giochiamo, Doniamo, Rispettiamo, Progetto Sport a Scuola” (“Legality, Play, Donate, Respect, Sport Project at School”).

    On 21st December, during the press conference and convention “Minors between health and legality”, the focus was on the importance of sport’s role in child health and growth with the participation of UNICEF, CONI and Institutions. During the award ceremony, Jotun Italy received an award plate, as thanks for the support of the event.

    Also, in agreement with Fijlkam, Jotun Italy has supplied the paints for the maintenance of the Fijlkam sports arena’s (PalaFijlkam) roof located in Ostia (Rome).

  • Malaysia

    Repainting a shelter home in Semenyih, Selangor

    Shelter home in Semenyih, Selangor

    The residents of the shelter home were treated to a first class display of teamwork from the volunteers who were present to help repaint the home.

    A fun filled half day event organized by Jotun Malaysia Sports Club at the Shelter Home began with an opening speech by Vincent Tan, General Manager of Jotun Malaysia.  

    The residents of the shelter home were treated to a first class display of teamwork from the volunteers who were present to help repaint the home.

    During the event, the home was given a special token by Vincent Tan to remember the occasion.
    Apart from painting the volunteers also took initiative to interact with the residents.
    Before the charity event ended, the residents were treated to a sumptuous meal that was organized by Jotun staff.

    Jotun Malaysia Sports Club offered their sincerest gratitude to all employees and the management team for their generous contribution to the shelter home which helps improving quality of life for the residents.

    A fresh splash of colours to Yayasan Sunbeams Home

    More than 35 Jotun employees and friends of employees have volunteered on this day to paint the 3-storey buildings at Yayasan Sunbeam Home.

    The charity event was organized by Jotun Malaysia, in colaboration with Mr Paint Shop, one of Jotun's loyal dealers, to sponsor paints and to paint the exterior and interior of the new 3-storey Yayasan Sunbeams Home located at Taman Mawar, Cheras.
    Yayasan Sunbeams Home is a non-governmental, self-supporting multi-racial home for the displaced, misplaced, abused and neglected children of single-parents. In the beginning, only a single double-storey house was utilized, which had the home and administration office within it. From a home of first two half-brothers, the home has grown to more than 60 plus children, consisting of boys and girls ranging 1 year to 22 years old.

    After more than eleven years, the home finally embarks on expansion plans to the ever-growing needs of the children. This plan involves the rebuilding of the present 3 units’ double storey houses to a 3 storey completely brand new building, measuring approximately 16,000 sq ft.

    “Jotun Malaysia has always been involved in corporate social responsibility activities because it is our responsibility to give back to the society. All these years, Jotun has been sponsoring paints for orphanage and old folk homes. Our employees are also involved proactively to paint the homes during each time we organized charity event. We believe that everyone deserves to have comfortable home with beautifully painted walls” said Vincent Tan, Country General Manager of Jotun Malaysia.

    Bringing the walls of Hope to life

    Twenty-two students from KDU University College's School of Hospitality doing voluntary work at the Children's Home of Hope at the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM)

    Armed with paint brushes and a whole lot of team spirit, the student volunteers started work at 9am and completed painting the walls by 5pm the same day.

    Twenty-two students from KDU University College's School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts (SHTCA) spent a Sunday morning painting murals on the walls of the Children's Home of Hope at the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM). This was carried out in conjunction with the Bald On, Wax Off for Cancer project. 

    The students had earlier visited the home and met representatives from the NCSM. They were shown three newly refurbished rooms that however looked dull. To help spruce up the place and brighten the bare walls, they decided to create a cozy and child-friendly atmosphere to help ease the stay for children afflicted with cancer living at the home while seeking treatment for the disease.
    The volunteers put their plan to work and within two weeks, were successful in getting Jotun to sponsor the paints and amateur artist Sarah Ahmad to conceptualise a design for the murals.

    All the students found the experience "very rewarding" as they had never done anything like this before. They also enjoyed working as a team with its great group spirit. "We want the children to know that they are not alone, to never give up hope as we are here to support them and we want to bring smiles to their faces each time they see the murals on the walls," said team leader Ivan Low.
    Kudos to the students!" NCSM president and medical director, Dr Saunthari Somasundaram, commended the efforts of KDU UC student volunteers in helping to promote awareness on childhood cancer. She believed that such volunteerism should be made an example of and continued by other youths in Malaysia.

  • Myanmar

    A new beginning

    Myanmar classroom

    Educating about human rights

    Myanmar is at a turning point in its history and Jotun is already established there as one of few international companies. The holding of elections and other democratic reforms has led to an easing of economic sanctions against the country and Jotun is among the first foreign companies to enter. About 50 years of dictatorship has left many people with no knowledge of their rights and responsibilities in a democratic society.

    To address this problem, Jotun is funding a programme, run by NPA and the Human Rights Education Institute of Burma (HREIB), to educate people in rural areas about their working rights, property rights and human rights. Jotun’s contribution funded the training of 40 course instructors, as well as sponsoring 280 people to be put through the human rights education sessions.

  • Netherlands

    Field hockey match for 30 Dutch children

    Hockey team members Jotun Netherlands

    Hockey team members Jotun Netherlands

    Jotun Netherlands & Yachting Concept, based in Barcelona, recently made a dream come through for 30 Dutch children who shared a desire to play their beloved sports on an international level.

    Field Hockey is one of the biggest national sports in the Netherlands & Spain, which generally becomes apparent when the two countries meet in the final stages of the World Championships or Olympics.

    On a lower level these events unfortunately hardly exist. Jotun thought that this should change…! The Dutch team visited Barcelona, played three great games, learned about the culture of the city and were introduced to our great company by Willem Antheunissen, General Manager Netherlands & France. His CR initiatives tend to focus on development of children: “the next generation managers and our future customers”.

    Yachting Concept and the two Jotun companies have a very close working relationship; because of the Netherlands being the number two Megayacht builder in the world and France is renowned for the global biggest Maintenance and Repair area for Megayachts.

  • Oman

    Colour of happiness

    One house. One family. One company.

    Jotun Oman initiated a corporate responsibility project called ''Colour of happiness'' to support a family, to make one dream come true, to show them that we care! 

    The house was fully refurbished and repaired whilst the family was temporarily accommodated in a nearby hotel.  After 15 days of hard work from the Jotun team, the family was brought back to their home. That first impression, that emotional reaction, that selfless smile was what Jotun was aiming for. See the movie on top of this page or visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfzPE8C3lAc

    "Donate blood today, and make a few hearts beat again"

    Oman team participating with high spirits

    Jotun Paints Oman participated in a blood donation drive called “Donate blood today, and make a few hearts beat again” recently at their office premises in Rusail Industrial estate.

    The said campaign was done by central blood bank (CCB) and the blood was donated to the emergency section of Sultan Qaboos University Hospital for cancer & surgical patients, accident victims, anemia and thalassemia patients.

    “Every pint of blood can save up to two to three lives and all it takes us to generate back the lost blood is the red life sources running through our veins, it keeps us alive and a little bit of it can save many lives” said Badar Al Maqdasy, HR Manager Jotun Oman.

    Paint a smile on their faces

    NACA’s child center Dar Al Hanan

    Jotun support NACA’s child center Dar Al Hanan in Muscat

    As a local company in Oman and with CARE as one of our four main values Jotun Oman initiated in 2011 a cooperation with the National Association of Cancer Awareness, NACA, in Oman.
    This cooperation comes to live through a funding-initiative by Jotun called “Paint a smile on their faces”. This is an initiative that have focus internally as well as externally in Jotun. Through this initiative we aim to raise money from our employees and customers to support NACA’s child center Dar Al Hanan.

    This center has been established based on the need to provide valuable accommodation for families accompanying children for cancer follow up at the Royal Hospital in Muscat.

  • Philippines

    Feeding programme

    Mabuhay Penguin Spirit!

    The activity brought smiles not only to their faces, but also to their parents, who witnessed the event. Mabuhay Penguin Spirit!

    Jotun Philippines and Rotary Club of Paranaque Inc. initiated a 5 month feeding programme in the municipality where its office is located. 

    “Care” is one of our core values that we shared to our beneficiary, Tambo Elementary School in Paranaque! The programme started on November 21, 2011 and ran for 3 times a week until March 2012.

    Fifty (50) underweight elementary pupils, all of them from extremely poor families, are the participants in the programme. We believe that proper nutrition will not only enhance their well-being and health, it will also improve their proficiency level in school.

    The pupils even celebrated Christmas with Jotun Penguins. Led by Jotun Philippines General Manager Mr. George Lim, the kids were treated to games, surprises and special gifts.

  • Qatar

    From Trash to Treasure

    3D art installation made of bottlecaps highlights amount of waste thrown away each day and raises awareness on importance of reducing, reusing and recycling

    Jotun Paints Qatar recently took part in United Development Company’s (UDC) successful 'From Trash to Treasure' bottle top art project. The project, which is held in association with Qatar Green Building Council, is an art installation-making initiative aimed at increasing awareness on the alarming amount of waste thrown away each day and to inform people on the benefits and advantages to be gained from reducing, reusing and recycling.

    The new 3D pond was unveiled March 29, 2014 at The Pearl Qatar as part of UDC’s Earth Hour 2014 celebrations. Jotun supplied the paints that were used in the creation of the pond.

  • Saudi Arabia

    Makkah Charitable for Orphans

    Jotun supports Makkah Charitable for Orphans.

    Jotun supports Makkah Charitable for Orphans.

    Jotun supports Makkah Charitable for Orphans. Jotun sponsors the care of 30 orphans providing them with clothing, education, entertainment and school bags. 

    The agreement was signed in 2008 and is renewed every year.

    Other projects in recent years

    • Mecca Society for Orphans - Jotun supports 10 orphans and 6 students at Mecca Society for Orphans. The agreement is renewed every year.
    • Mecca Society for Orphans - Jotun sponsored training of six students from Mecca Society for Orphans during the summer 2012.
    • Taif Orphans Association in Jeddah - In 2012 Jotun sponsored re-painting of the building of Taif Orphans Association in Jeddah (internal and external) with a total cost of SR 10,432.
    • Orphans Festival in Jeddah - Jotun contributed to the Orphans Festival in Jeddah as Gold Sponsor with SR 30,000 in the years 2011 and 2012.
    • Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance in Al-Lith - In 2012 Jotun donated free paints to Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance in Al-Lith with the cost of SR 23,000.
    • Deaf Women's Club in Jeddah - In 2012 Jotun sponsored re-painting of the Deaf Women's Club building in Jeddah (internal and external) with the cost of SR 58,000.
    • Deaf Women's Club in Jeddah - In 2012 Jotun signed an agreement with the Deaf Women's Club in Jeddah for a period of 5 years to use the club's meeting room for women's seminars. The room was named "Jotun".
    • Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance in Jeddah - In 2012 Jotun donated free paints to Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance in Jeddah with a cost of SR 5,800.
    • Tanweer Center for care and rehabilitation of people with special needs - In 2012 Jotun donated free paint to Tanweer Center for care and rehabilitation of people with special needs for repainting their building with a cost of SR 7,000.
    • Mecca Society for Orphans - Donating free paints to Mecca Society for Orphans for repainting Mosque with a cost of SR 2,303.
    • Back to School Festival 2012 - The Ideal Center for Rehabilitation is the first specialized center for Down's syndrome in Jeddah. Jotun participated in various activities at the center. Jotun sponsored colourful school bags.
      Jotun participated in the celebration of the Saudia National Day by letting the children paint the Saudia flag with Jotun paints. Jotun made a donation to the help center for children with special needs. Jotun made a donation to the closing ceremony of the Al-amal center hope to people with special needs.

  • South Korea

    Active CR performance

    South Korean staff to help clean up environment

    Every employee contributes with voluntary work one day per month

    Chokwang Jotun, South Korea, has as a general target that all employees shall perform Corporate Responsibilty activities together with regular donations.

    The goal is to do CR work for more than 96 hours per year (at least one day per month).

    Other projects in recent years

    • Conduct Clean Environment campaign to clean nearby company
    • Support farm work for the poor farming and fishing community
    • Painting work for the national center for senior citizens and children

  • Spain

    Valuable learning

    The Galaxie

    The Galaxie is the Foundation’s main asset, has sailed mainly in the Pacific Ocean and has sailed around the world several times. Today it has become a temporary home for young people involved in the projects.

    Jotun Ibérica has collaborated with a foundation helping youngsters with socially difficult backgrounds, and has donated paint for the maintenance of the ships of this organization in the Balearic islands.

    Joves Navegants was founded in 1992 as a Sail Training Program for teenagers by a small group of people involved in the yachting business in Mallorca. However the turning point came in 2003 when JN received a very special gift of a 21.5mt sailing yacht called Galaxie. That same year they also became a registered charity. Since then more than 3000 youngsters have sailed on board the Galaxie, some of which have moved on to make a career for themselves within the Yachting Community.

    The youngsters come from socially difficult backgrounds, some are in care, some have no family or are at risk of being socially excluded from society, mostly through no fault of their own. By giving them the opportunity to sail on board the Galaxie they learn the concept of working together as a team, strengthen social values and personal skills as well as adapting to different situations on board, all valuable assets in life.

  • Thailand

    Shelter for homeless

    a shelter for homeless in Pethchaburi Province

    The shelter takes care of 300 homeless people, both male and female, from the surrounding provinces

    Jotun Thailand Ltd. employees, led by the managing director, visited a shelter for homeless in Pethchaburi Province, around 200 kilometers from Bangkok, and made various donations.

    Being part of Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, the shelter takes care of 300 homeless people, both male and female, from the surrounding provinces. These are people who can not take care of themselves due to health or psychological problems.

    Jotun Thailand wanted to show support by donating paints for renovation, a washing machine, clothes, food and necessary personal stuff. Hopefully this will help in improving the quality of life for these unfortunate people.

    This action is part of Jotuns CSR activities to support and develop the local community and shows one of our core values - we really CARE for the society.

    Other projects in recent years

    • Blood donation among Jotun staff - an easy way to save lives and for our employees to really show that we care. 
    • Library for a remote school in the province of Burirum. In addition to building the library, Jotun painted the school, renovated
      the students' rooms, donated stationery, books, book shelves, sports equipment, etc.

  • Turkey

    Jotun Turkey - "Colours are for everyone"

    Colour App for blind people. Watch campaign film

    emptyRemember to turn on the sound.
  • UAE

    The European Handcycling Circuit 2014

    Jotun Abu Dhabi in collaboration with 'Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care' supported the 'Al Ain Club for Disabled' by sponsoring 'The European Handcycling Circuit 2014' held at the Yas Marina Circuit on the 16th of March 2014  in Abu Dhabi. 

    Al Ain Sports Club for Special Needs, located in Al Ain City is the first sports club in Abu Dhabi to arrange sports activities and tournaments for individuals with special needs. The centre offers services for 87 students with different categories of physical disability, hearing / visual impairment and Cognitive Intellectual Disability.

    Jotun Abu Dhabi Management made a contribution under the category of Silver Sponsorship to the Al Ain Club for Disabled by donating an amount of 60,000 NOK to support this noble cause started up by ZHO. This event is conducted to show care to the disabled to participate in sports tournaments thereby giving them a chance to feel that they are important and valued in the community.

    Disability is an art

    "Disability is not a brave struggle or ‘courage in the face of adversity.’ Disability is an art. It’s an ingenious way to live" says Neil Marcus, an eminent US actor and playwright active in the development of disability culture, who has reshaped ways of thinking about disability in general. 

    We were inspired to see how beautifully true this principle holds, as the children from Rashid Centre for Disabled brought out their best. This was a very special event that we at Jotun UAE were proud to be associated with as participated sponsor: The International Day of Disabled (16 January).

    Held on the Dubai American University premises, it was a breath-taking showcase of talent, dedication and determination as the children put up entertainment programs and exhibited their virtuosity through various art forms. 

    Special kid’s days

    Jotun Paints UAE has successfully hosted 5 special kid’s days for wards coming from the Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs recently at Kidzania, Dubai.

    Last years’ overwhelming response and success of the special kid’s day prompted the company to now make the event a part of its annual activity calendar—now holding the CSR-based initiative at least 4 times a year.

    The kids were asked to join in fun-filled activities that consisted of painting at the ‘Jotun Establishment’ within Kidzania, games and jewelry & perfume making for 3 hours. The children enjoyed playing role-play activities such as assuming roles of firemen, hospital staff and local policemen. At the end of their stay at Kidzania, the children were given specially prepared goody bags to remember the occasion. The accompanying parents, teachers, the kids and the Jotun CSR Team were later treated to a sumptuous meal at Kidzania.

    Walk for Education

    Walk for Education 2014

    Walk for Education 2014

    Jotun employees and their families recently took part in the very successful ‘Walk for Education 2014,’ an annual three-kilometer walk organized by Dubai Cares to recognize the need for primary education in developing countries, which was held last February 7, 2014 at Jumeirah beach Park.

    The "Walk for Education" offers a great opportunity for members of the UAE community to enjoy activities with family and friends and meet new people. This year's walk saw the attendance of more than 8,000 participants. 

    After the three-kilometer walk, participants were treated to entertainment and activities that included a games arcade, children’s games, face painting, a photo booth and performances by acrobats.

    School bags and supplies to Bilal Bin Rabah Center

    Bilal Bin Rabah Senter for Memorising Quran

    "Colourful Fun Day" for the underprivileged children of the "Bilal Bin Rabah Center for Memorising Quran"

    Jotun Paints hosted and organized a special activity called ‘Colourful Fun Day’ for the underprivileged children of the ‘Bilal Bin Rabah Center for Memorising Quran’.
    The event, which was held in cooperation with the UAE Red Crescent Society, is part of Jotun’s CSR based initiatives that seeks to reach out and extend key support to the local communities. During the activity, the company distributed new school bags and school supplies to 302 wards under the care of the Center.

    In addition, the children were also treated to a full day of fun activities, which included a magic show, games, prize giveaways, juggling clowns, popcorn, candies and balloons. The activity demonstrates the company’s long standing commitment towards extending support to charitable causes, organizations and initiatives, which is also part of its move to become a CSR model for other companies in the region to follow.

    Painting the Future

    Future Centre School in Abu Dhabi

    Painting the Future project i Abu Dhabi

    Jotun Abu Dhabi supports Future Centre School for special needs children through Project “Painting the Future". Jotun Abu Dhabi has donated paints and volunteered at the school located in Mohammed bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi.

    The Future Centre accommodates an annual average population of 200 students between the age 3–20+ years from various nationalities, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. It is a centre dedicated to the empowerment of individuals with disabilities, employing a systematic, structured and balanced approach resulting in the students improved quality of life.

    Jotun staff together with some volunteers organized by Abu Dhabi Cause Connect, painted four classrooms and outside play area for the children.

    Other projects in recent years

    • Takatof Ramadan Project for the needy - Jotun Paints Abu Dhabi and Dubai together contributed AED 100,000 as a donor for the project and also had Jotun employees volunteering for the distribution of Iftar meals.
    • Al Noor School for Children with Special Needs in Dubai - A large multi-function room in the Centre was designed and painted by Jotun’s very own interior designers and painters, in order to provide a colourful and safe environment for the children.
    • Jotun Powder Coatings, Dubai provides educational assistance for schooling of children of all employees.
    • AL Ain Center for Care & Rehabilitation - free paint to a new block under construction.
  • United Kingdom

    Burton Village Hall Project

    The village hall before the makeover.

    On March 27th a group of Penguins representing most departments of Flixborough set out to redecorate the Burton Village Hall, a village situated close to Flixborough.

    The hall was in desperate need of a makeover, with the villagers not even sure of the last time it was redecorated! It was of course decided that Jotun paints would be used, Lady Vegg & Jotalak and with the help of specification from the UK decorative team we set about the task at hand.

    The hall was finished and presented to the village council they were delighted with the results and extremely grateful for all our hard work. Both days were eventful and very enjoyable, and the end product was fantastic, a great example of penguins from different teams coming together to represent Jotun and do something great for the local community.

    Children in Need 2013

    This picture of the event was in the local paper.

    Children in Need is a campaign run in the UK for Children that are in desperate need of support in both the UK and in underprivileged countries.

    The theme on site at Flixborough was ‘penguin day’ activities included dressing as a penguin and face painting.  Over £1000 was raised.

    Other activities in the UK in 2013 have included:

    • Donation made to charity when an employee ran a marathon
    • Poppy Appeal
    • Donations of paint – local cricket club, a boat and a local village hall
    • Health and wellbeing event for Flixborough employees
    • Anti-corruption workshops
    • Sponsor of an award for the outstanding contribution to a safer community in conjunction with the local council