Taking HSE to the next level

Jotun’s has maintained a strong record in Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance over the years, but with a zero tolerance policy for accidents, fires or environmental damage, “good” is never enough.

Jotun's 'I Care' Concept

Building a stronger HSE record is not just a good business decision, but a way of demonstrating that Jotun cares about each and every penguin, says Morten Fon, President and CEO

Jotun’s rapid growth has seen the company expand into new markets and grow its global workforce. While this growth is critical to the company’s future, it exposes the company to higher risks related to HSE. “The more personnel, factories, offices, and warehouses we add, the greater responsibility we have to secure our employees' right to a safe workplace,” says Morten Fon, President and CEO.

It is with this in mind, and to enforce the message, that Jotun introduced an ongoing Group HSE concept  entitled 'I Care' that in addition to encouraging continuous improvement affecting workplace safety is aimed at working to improve the health and welfare of employees, even when they are not at work.

From Group Management to the Board of Directors, Jotun has consistently made HSE a top priority. In 2014 the CEO visited all of Jotun’s 36 production sites worldwide to meet with local management and personnel to raise awareness on issues related to HSE and to rubber stamp "I Care".

The 'I Care' concept is designed to involve important themes relevant to specific topics of HSE. It will be mandated to be both introduced and to appear prominently at each Jotun site for all employees to understand the aims and content. Workplace discussions and active participation in the actual topics will ensure full understanding of practical safety tips for both business and personal. "Our aims are to create awareness whilst at the same time creating serious considerations for risks associated to work and everyday aspects of life", added Group HSE Director Una Cecile Haug.