Jotun business segments taking actions

Here we present some of the significant activities and achievements that shape our long-term competitiveness and financial performance.

Jotun Decorative Paints R&D - Overall GreenSteps goals

Our long term objective is to substitute all solvent borne decorative paints with water borne products.

Carbon footprint/energy
The TiO2 process is the most energy consuming step in the life cycle of paint. Jotun is committed to reduce the TiO2 content of our paints without reducing the quality and lowering the opacity. 
From a green step as well as a customer perspective, Jotun is continuously working to improve durability and increase maintenance intervals. 

Hazardous materials
A main objective is to get rid of all kind of hazardous chemicals in products applied by consumers.

Jotun is committed to reduce the TiO2 content

Jotun is actively working with alternative routes to reduce the consumption of TiO2.
Technologies to partly substitute TiO2, like the opaque polymer technology, are introduced in decorative topcoats globally.
Product formulations are optimized to ensure best possible spacing and utilization of TiO2. 
During 2011/2012 we have achieved a yearly saving of 1300 tons TiO2. 

Reducing VOC emissions

Lady Supreme Finish
Two new water based product ranges in 2011 to substitute Lady Classic (the traditional solvent borne alkyd); Lady Supreme Finish and Lady Interior Finish.

Gardex Eco Gloss introduced as our first water borne trim paint in Asia.

More health friendly paints

The next generation Sens – the world’s most health friendly paint - launched in 2012.

Majestic Airmaster– Formaldehyde absorbing paint for the Chinese market.

Majestic Ecohealth– a range of APEO and Formaldehyde free interior product range for Asia.

High quality and durable paints

Drygolin Extrem

High quality and even more durable exterior paints are important means to reducing carbon footprint.
- Jotashield Extreme (ME & SEA)
- Jotashield Superdurable (ME)
- Demidekk Ultimate (Europe)
- Drygolin Extrem and Optimal (Norway)

Jotashield Extreme

A key GreenSteps is taken by introducing Jotashield Extreme
- A waterborne pure acrylic topcoat
- Can be used on any paint system
- Reduces surface and internal temperature
- Reduces energy consumption by up to 14% depending on the colour
- Supported by industry accepted third party test certificates
- Very well received in the market
- New TiO2 - substituting technology leading to energy reduction in the products lifecycle reduced the use of TiO2 up to 20% by using new technology

GreenSteps activities in the Middle East region

- Highlighted in offices
- Awareness presentation rolled out in organizations
- Presented in the main Event in the Region “Closer To the Consumer”
- Highlighted in new brochures