Jotun extends collaboration with NTNU

Jotun’s cooperation with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology shifts to a new level when Senior Surface Scientist Angelika Brink enters an Associate Professor position.

In Jotun, we believe in sharing knowledge. Working together with relevant external partners to find sustainable solutions and develop the coatings of the future, is the very backbone of the collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

For that reason, we are enormously proud to inform that our senior Surface Scientist Angelika Brink, now will enter an Associate Professor position at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at NTNU alongside her current role at the Jotun R&D center in Sandefjord, Norway.

Angelika has a background as aerospace engineer and has studied the intersection of fluid mechanics, materials and processes during her PhD and Post.Doc work. Previously in Sintef and now in Jotun, Angelika represents a new branch of our scientific scope, where we aim at extending our understanding of coating surface effects and how these can be improved for better performance.

At NTNU, Angelika will focus on studying the relation between molecular, nano- and micro-scale features influence the macroscopic behaviour of the paint surface and the subsequent influence on performance and hydrodynamic drag. She will also supervise students and teach part of a course on surface and surface phenomena. 

We are excited at this opportunity to extend our collaboration with the university and provide industry relevance and competence in their education programs. This fits well with our ambition to be in the scientific forefront and working with leading academic groups on coatings, surfaces and surface phenomena.