At the helm

With more than three decades of experience at Jotun, Stein Petter Lunde is facing his biggest challenge yet: Vice President, Jotun Powder Coatings.

When Stein Petter Lunde accepted the assignment to lead Jotun’s Powder Coatings segment earlier this year, he recognised the job would represent both an opportunity and a challenge.  “For the most part, my background is in decorative paints so I knew I had a lot to learn about powder coatings,” he says. “But in many ways, that’s why the position was attractive to me: I like to be tested.”

Learning from experience 
In 1983, Lunde earned a degree in Economics and Business Administration (Siviløkonom) from the Oslo-based business school BI.  In 1984, he began his career at Jotun as an assistant sales manager in Norway, selling both interior and exterior decorative paints.  He rose quickly in the organisation and in 1998, was offered an  assignment as General Manager of Jotun’s business in Malaysia.  
“My timing was not ideal,” says Lunde with a smile. “The region was hit by the Asian Financial Crisis and a short time after I  arrived, we had a fire in the factory. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the business recovered quickly, but it wasn’t the start I had hoped for!”   
Lunde returned to Norway in 2003, when he was named the Sales and Marketing Director for Scandinavia. Four years later, he was asked to manage Jotun’s businesses in Europe. Later, he would be named Vice President of Jotun in Scandinavia, where he led an effort to control costs and improve efficiency to help drive profits.   
One company, many careers 
For Lunde, being able to have such a varied career in one company has been an adventure.  “In today’s ‘gig economy’, there aren’t many companies  that can offer long-term job security, career mobility and international experience,” he says.  “At Jotun, I’ve been able to challenge myself and grow within an organisation that rewards hard work, ambition and loyalty.”