Jotun Colour Academy: Continuous learning for architects and interior designers

In the 21st century, we never stop learning. To help interior designers and architects build their skills, Jotun launched its Colour Academy.

Architects and interior decorators may have a refined sense of design when creating dynamic living and work spaces. But when it comes to colour, many are less confident.
According to Jotun Colour Marketing Manager Rana Khadra, colours can transform how people interact with their surroundings. “Most architects and interior designers have an intuitive feel for colour, we wanted to equip them with knowledge about colour theory and paint,” she says. “We thought we could help.”

Last year, Jotun launched Colour Academy, an intensive training course specifically developed to teach designers, architects, specifiers and consultants about the art and science of colour.
“Colour Academy offers participants valuable insights on how the language of colour can be used to create dynamic interior and exterior spaces,” she says. “And based on positive feedback from workshop participants in the Middle East, we have refined the programme and have started training presenters in South East Asia.”
While Colour Academy is a Jotun-branded service, Khadra says presenters are there to teach, not sell. “the value for participants is information they can use to create more beautiful interiors and exteriors to grow their businesses,” she says.