New Information Centre at Jotun Headquarters in Sandefjord

The Infocentre is a strategic tool in Jotun’s effort to achieve its business goals. It is an important instrument to communicate Jotun’s business segments, history, the Penguin Spirit, values, innovation, position and Jotun as a responsible corporate citizen.

Jotun has established a fantastic Infocentre of 700 m2 at its new office facilities in Sandefjord.  

95 years of history illustrated by a collection and content from the beginning of Jotun’s history in 1926, to where Jotun is today. 

A welcoming entrance area leading into to the ‘Penguin Hall’, expo with physical objects, in-depth digital stations, DNAs – the very heart of Jotun and a welcoming lounge area. 

A proud history, proud moments, proud employees, proud establishments and R&D breakthroughs
The Infocentre takes the visitors through a journey from the very beginnings in Sandefjord, showing its development through the decades, always guided by the Jotun values. 

It features important milestones and innovations, and brings to life how Jotun got to where it is today, as one of the world’s leading paint companies with a global presence.  
The Infocentre is meant to be a dynamic meeting place and a centre of knowledge for employees and other visitors.