Better results with new quality tools

A collaboration between Jotun and Orkla has resulted in the world’s first range of painting tools tailor made for industrial coatings.

When the world leading provider of protective coatings teams up with a leading painting tool producer to develop a new series of products, the result is not surprisingly of high quality. The new range of brushes and rollers, sold under the brand name Anza, solves a major industry challenge.

The test results are conclusive: Jotun and Orklas new developed painting tools give the best results. Morten Fon, CEO of Jotun (left) and Johs Høeg, CEO of Orkla House Care, are ready to enter a new market with high quality products. Photo: Signe Steinnes

Best possible result 
“During the development of a new product range for maintenance, we realised that a large portion of our products were being applied with brush and roller, very often resulting in unpredictable results. We discovered that the industry had low awareness of how much the painting tools can affect the result. With many of the existing tools it was hard to achieve the recommended paint thickness and esthetic finish, and there was also significant fibre loss from the tools,” says Lasse Isaksen, Global Concept Director Offshore at Jotun.

Wanting to learn more about painting tools, Jotun contacted Orkla, and the two companies quickly saw the potential for a fruitful collaboration. After extensive testing of the current market offering, Orkla developed a number of prototypes, all of which were thoroughly tested in Jotun’s laboratory by professional applicators. The equipment with the best results were then further developed. The new range of application tools is made of 100 % synthetic fibres to ensure consistent quality and results – and represents a new industry standard.

“We feel confident that Orkla has come up with the best products for the market. With the new series of application tools and new knowledge, Jotun will be able to provide the best possible recommendations to our customers, providing predictable performance and thus better meet customer expectations. Jotun believes that Orkla’s new product range has a large global potential,” Isaksen says.

Close relationship
Jotun and Orkla have a historically close relationship, and have previously developed painting tools for decorative painting. It is the first time, however, that the two companies develop products for the industry.

“With our history, it was natural for us to collaborate with Orkla in order to offer the best solution also for industrial coating,” says Morten Fon, CEO of Jotun. 

Johs Høeg, CEO of Orkla House Care, is excited to enter a new market. 

“This is a completely new territory for us, and we are very happy to be on this journey together with Jotun. We have always said that good tools are essential for the result – in this project we have been able to document it scientifically. It will be very exciting to gather experiences from the offshore and shipbuilding industry, and see how the market responds to these products,” Høeg says.