Investing in the future

With a new R&D Centre in Pune, India, Jotun can meet growing demands for products optimised for regional climate conditions.

Retaining skilled chemists
According to Mahesh C. Chavan, Regional R&D Manager, the R&D Centre was established not only to improve the organisations ability to meet Indian market requirements but to provide a better working environment for lab personnel. “In addition to upgrading the laboratory, we recognised the value of moving it to a more central location,” he says. “This will help us attract, develop and retain skilled chemists.”
Product adaptation
Chavan notes that the laboratory will help Jotun develop products to match India’s diverse climate. “India is a large country with many different climactic conditions, so what works in one part of the country may not work in another,” he says. “At the same time, sales in the Decorative Paints segment are driven by contractors who focus on costs, so we have to re-engineer some products to make sure we remain profitable.”
With the new laboratory now up and running, Chavan is confident the investment will pay off. “Our ability to provide quality R&D support plays a critical role in our growth strategy,” he says. “We are confident that this new facility will help Jotun strengthen its reputation for innovation, quality products and after sales support!”