RC Jotun secures the summer fjord

– Thanks to the contributions of Jotun and the Gleditsch family, we are operational with a very solid and advanced boat in our fjord areas, says Kjell Atle Kjønnø, chairman of Sandefjord Red Cross. “RC Jotun” is well-prepared for the most hectic season of the year.

Just a few quick swimming strokes away from Jotun’s head office in Sandefjord, the 40-foot rescue craft is docked and ready for missions. Along with three other crew members, Kjell Atle Kjønnø is responsible for manoeuvring RC Jotun through tasks of varying magnitudes.

- During the summer months, we can be out within 5 minutes of notification. Of course, all the members of our crew have been trained in emergency assistance, and we can perform basic first aid in acute situations, Kjønnø explains. A broad variety of missions and tasks can be handled, thanks to Jotun’s contribution to a well-equipped boat.

The crew on RC Jotun has the following advice for a safe summer at sea: Learn to use the equipment in your boat, take it easy, and always use a life vest. Photo: Sandefjord Røde Kors

Jotun contributed to the well-equipped rescue craft

RC Jotun crew members with Odd Gleditsch d.y. (Chairman of the Board) and Morten Fon (President and CEO). Photo: Sandefjord Røde Kors

When the old rescue craft was shipwrecked almost five years ago, Kjell Atle Kjønnø and his colleagues at Red Cross immediately started the process to collect funding for a new boat.

– We had a budget of about one million Norwegian Kroner, but that amount quickly increased with Jotun’s contribution. When both the leaders and the owners of a company that produces ship paint use their network, it’s almost incredible what can be accomplished, says Kjønnø smilingly. The result was that RC Jotun was built at Hukkelberg ship yard in Aukra, on the Norwegian west coast, and is now in its third year of protecting the waters in and around Sandefjord.

– We have contributed in search and rescue operations in the whole Oslo Fjord. We have just acquired an advanced towed array sonar (ROV) that will enable us to do searches on the bottom of the sea. No one else is equipped with this level of specialised equipment in the whole of South Norway, and that means that we can take on more advanced missions than we previously could. This includes searches on the sea floor, says Kjell Atle Kjønnø.

Increases safety at sea

Boating life is joyful most of the time, but accidents do occur. Jotun’s contribution to the rescue craft is based on the desire to help increase safety at sea. 

– Outdoor life is a fantastic benefit here in Sandefjord, and the sea is an important part of this. The Red Cross boat contributes to securing the fjord and its surrounding areas. The stockholders of Jotun wish to contribute to the local community, and the Gleditsch family has always been concerned with ensuring a positive development of Sandefjord and its surroundings. Here, a good life should be available to employees and others alike, says Morten Fon, CEO of Jotun. 

Boatman Kjell Atle Kjønnø and Red Cross would like to invite everyone to have a look at RC Jotun over the summer, either when docked at Thorøya, or when securing the seas. It will also be possible to say hello to the boat’s mascot, Odd the penguin. Of course, he has been named after an enthusiastic contributor to RC Jotun, namely chairman of the board as well as representative for the stockholders, Odd Gleditsch d.y.

This is RC Jotun

- Flying Fish  
- 40 foot  
- Equipment: Radar, echo location, thermal imaging camera, fire pump, first aid equipment, defibrillator, and towed array sonar (ROV)