Reliable partner

For more than three decades, Jotun has stood by the International Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) movement providing support to disaster relief efforts through the Norwegian Red Cross. Jotun is proud to sponsor a number of projects to contain the spread of COVID 19.  

Since the 1980s, Jotun has supported the Norwegian Red Cross, providing disaster relief support. According to Jotun’s Group Communications Director Christian Espolin Johnson the two organisations have a good working relationship. “the RCRC movement is a global organisation with a vast network of local operations, enabling it to centrally coordinate efforts that extend to crisis situations, worldwide,” he says. “The mission of their organisation aligns with the Jotun Group’s overall desire to act globally and impact locally.”

According to the Norwegian Red Cross Project Manager Roar Næss, Jotun is often among the first companies they hear from when disaster strikes. “Jotun also has a global organisation, so understands how disasters can impact local communities,” he says. “The coronavirus pandemic has been no exception.”

“The mission of the International Red Cross Red Crescent movement is aligned with Jotun Group’s overall desire to act globally and impact locally.”  Christian Espolin Johnson, Group Communications Director.
Unique challenge 
As the most experienced disaster relief organisations in the world, the RCRC movement has helped to manage all types of catastrophes, from tsunamis to earthquakes, famines to refugee crises.  But Næss says that coronavirus pandemic represents a unique challenge. “Unlike more localised disasters, the virus has spared no nation or community, making resource allocation a challenge,” he says.  “And due to travel restrictions, we must rely almost exclusively on local personnel, including our many volunteers, to contain the outbreak.” 

Håkon Jacob Rothing, Head of Programmes for the Norwegian Red Cross, says that Jotun has provided support for a number of projects in particularly vulnerable areas. “Many countries do not have the health care infrastructure to mount an effective response to manage outbreaks of COVID 19,” he explains. “In these areas, mortality rates can spike unless we act quickly to contain the spread of the virus.” 

Unlike more localised disasters in the past, Jotun’s 2020 contribution has gone to four different countries, all over the world. In Iraq, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is distributing hygiene kits to schools and clinics and in Pakistan ventilators and protective equipment to aid in case management. Jotun has also enabled the RCRC movement to fund support staff for screening sites in Honduras and South Sudan. 

“Until proven therapies and a vaccine are available, our best weapons against the virus are containment and mitigation, which requires our personnel to raise public awareness about the importance of social distancing, wearing face coverings and good hygiene,” says Rothing. “We remain committed to revealing, preventing and alleviating human suffering and we are grateful to Jotun for their long-term support to help us achieve our mission.”