Painting the wind

As a leading provider of specialised coatings for the wind energy industry, Jotun coatings protect wind farms from the elements.

Offshore wind power plant in China

When most people think about wind farms, they usually don’t think about paint. But specialised coatings play a critical role in making sure windfarms work as designed.
Special industry, special coatings
While Jotun is active in a number of different renewable energy industries, we have seen a lot of growth in the wind energy market, where coatings are very important. Wind power plants are often located at rough locations exposed to weather. This creates considerable wear and tear for both blade and steel construction. This becomes an even bigger issue as wind farms are increasingly built offshore. Jotun has developed coatings to protect offshore installations for more than 40 years. The experience and knowledge accumulated over that period is now being made available to owners of offshore wind farms.
At present, Jotun´s coatings are primarily applied to the towers and foundations of offshore wind farms. In China, however, Jotun now provides coatings for wind turbine blades and is working to meet the evolving needs of the industry. For example, to generate more power, companies are ordering longer wind blades which increases the speed of the blade tip. Higher speeds increase the rain erosion, requiring more durable coatings products.
Jotun is also involved in other areas of the wind energy value chain, including providing coatings for installation vessels, transformers and nacelles. You can safely say that heavy duty protection is in our corporate DNA.
40 years of protection
Our coatings systems last nearly “forever”, which helps reduce maintenance costs, and as part of our commitment to the environment. Our well known Baltoflake gives both unparalleled protection and an ultra-low emissions footprint. So, the next time you look at a wind turbine, remember: There is more to wind energy than the wind blades!

Did you know?

- The tips of wind blades can travel at speeds of up to 280 km per hour 

- Towers can rise up to 180 meters and wind blades can reach up to 100 meters in length

- Jotun’s coatings systems for offshore wind farms are guaranteed to last for a minimum of 40 years 

- Jotun’s solvent free coating systems avoid environmental risks associated with VOCs 

- Jotun products have been used on the world’s first commercial wave energy buoy