Jotun is changing recruitment system

Effective 18th June, Jotun will change recruitment system from Webcruiter to Workday. This will have implications for you as a candidate.

Below we will answer the most commonly asked questions regarding this change.

I have applied for a role in Jotun with deadline before/on 17th June 2021. What will happen to my application?
Your application will be processed in Webcruiter until the recruitment process is finalized. You will get information about the outcome of the process by e-mail, or you can log in to your CV through this link to follow the progress.

What will happen to the Job Agent I have set up in Webcruiter?
The Job Agent will be discontinued. You can set up a new Job Agent in Workday if you so desire.

What will happen to my Webcruiter CV?
Your Webcruiter CV has two parts; one is shared with Jotun (hereinafter called “Jotun CV”) and one that is registered as your main CV which can be shared with other organizations using the same recruitment system (hereinafter called “Master CV”)

Your Master CV: When registering your CV you have accepted Webcruiters terms and conditions for your “Master CV”. Webcruiter is the data controller for this Master CV, and you can use this to share your CV or apply to other companies than Jotun if they use the Webcruiter system. If you wish to edit, change or delete this Master CV, you have to log on to your master CV through this link. The user guide to administer your Master CV can be found here.

Your Jotun CV: All information that has been delivered to Jotun will be automatically deleted in accordance with our GDPR Policy.

Will Jotun transfer any of my data from Webcruiter to Workday?
Jotun will not automatically transfer any information from Webcruiter to Workday.

Can I still access my master CV?
Yes, you can access your Jotun CV until it is purged. You can access your Master CV until you select to delete it.

How do I edit or delete my master CV?
You can delete your Master CV by logging in here and click on your name in the top menu and select “delete my profile”.

Who will have access to my CV?
Only those directly involved in the recruitment will have access to your Jotun CV. You can read our full privacy statement here.

Your Master CV can be accessed by Webcruiter, you can read their terms and conditions here.

Can I reuse my old CV for applying for new positions in Workday?
Yes, you can enter your CV here and click on “CV” in the top menu, and click open as PDF. You can then store this and upload this into Workday to autofill your new application there.

Do I have to start registering my CV from scratch in Workday, if I already have a CV in Webcruiter?
No, you can download your Webcruiter CV as a PDF and use this to autofill your application details as described above.