R&D support teams

The R&D support teams consists of specialised functions to aid the R&D community in developing quality products faster. This enables the chemists to concentrate on product development, and leave the auxiliary activities - analytical and biological analysis, information and knowledge gathering and instrument maintenance - to the support team.

Analytical laboratory – coatings development made faster and more accurate

Testing is important

Extensive testing is required to obtain a continuously high quality product performance

Jotun has a well-equipped and advanced analytical laboratory providing a wide range of services to the rest of the R&D organisation.

The laboratory co-operates with the product developing chemists to make new and improved products faster and more accurate. This is done by e.g. characterising polymers by liquid chromatography, identifying unknowns by mass spectrometry and determining concentrations of pigments by spectroscopic methods.

During testing of new product performance, the use of analytical techniques improves Jotun's ability to select the right technology and to differ between good and excellent products.

Analysis of product failure and customer complaint are also important services, both to learn how we can improve our products and to guide our customers.

The instrumentation in the laboratories ranges from standard equipment like scales and heating cabinets to highly advanced chromatographic systems with mass selective detectors. 

To enable Jotun to take full advantage of the equipment, the laboratory has an experienced and educated staff of analytical chemists to complement our product developers. 

A prerequisite for our success is the co-operation between the various scientific staff and analytical laboratory. This gives us the edge needed in making the best coating in the world.