Brochures are an important part of the Corporate Identity. The examples shown here are intended to cover the basic Corporate Identity elements without rigidly limiting creative design. As a guideline for developing a continuous corporate style, please make sure you follow these simple rules.
These guidelines are based on rules for the use of: Size and recommended position of the logotypes, Typefaces and Colour.

Corporate brochures and Annual Report

Logo size with international pay-off: 110 mm

Segment brochures and colour cards

General templates

Height of blue solid area: 60 mm
Space from logo to the top of page: 10 mm
Brochures - Corporate - Solid top - Big logo
Gradient: When the selected image is in blue tones and the background is calm, the predefined Jotun blue gradient may be utilized. An image with transparent background can be placed in a layer above the gradient.
Brochures - Corporate - Gradient background - Big logo