Advertisements are an important part of the Corporate Identity. The examples shown on the following pages are intended to cover the basic Corporate Identity elements without rigidly limiting creative design. As a helping guideline for developing a continuous corporate style, please make sure you follow these simple rules. These guidelines are based on the use of: Size and recommended position of the logotypes, Typefaces and Colours.

Logo size on format A3 is set to 75 mm.

The example shows one of the present corporate ads valid as per 2013. Please be advised that in general we prefer not to see logo as part of the text. Only Segment marketing or Corporate may allow such use in special circumstances like this one, where it obviously works well.

On this page we present high resolution PDFs of our corporate ads.

Poster (W 50cm by H 70cm) - English
Poster (W 50cm by H 70cm) - Norwegian

Monuments presented in portrait format ads

General templates, A4:

Alternatives for placement of pay-off

Logo, A4 size:
50 mm (Margins: Height of blue solid area: 41 mm. Space from logo to the top of page: 13 mm)