Factory buildings and office signs

Good signposting contributes to present Jotun in a proper and professional manner and is of considerable importance for our Corporate Identity.

Below we present our guidelines for outdoor signboards with lighting and without lighting, outdoor and indoor direction signs, shop decoration, facades and interior decoration, light boxes, use of vertical logo, flags, banners and table pennants.

Signposting is a service to help visitors find their way. It is therefore important that signs are placed in a conspicuous position and provide clear information.

The main colour on buildings should be white, RAL 9010 Pure White, according to Jotuns engineering standard. The only allowed contrast colour is Jotun blue.

Jotun factories and buildings shall preferably - whenever possible - be white accordingly, and preferably with active use of Jotun blue as only contrast colour (see images above and below). Any deviations from this practice shall be acknowledged in writing from Jotun Corporate in Sandefjord.