Jotun logo

Our logo represents the primary graphic element of our identity and design programme. Consistent application and precise reproduction methods will reinforce public recognition of Jotun.

When the logo is used properly with other components which comprise the presentation, a unique, memorable visual style will be established.

Our logo comprises the emblem of a penguin with the word 'JOTUN' in blue capitals on a yellow background under a red panel on top of the horizontal yellow area.
The horizontal logo is the principal version and is to be used for all general purposes. Please read our guidelines on how to apply Jotun's logo correctly.

Preferably, we would like to see the Jotun logo, with Jotun Protects Property when relevant.
For most use we prefer to see our logo on or in close connection with the Jotun blue background:

Horisontal Jotun logo on Jotun blue background
Use the Jotun logo with pay-off whenever relevant

Alternatively, the Jotun logo can also be placed on a white background as e.g. on white paper or on an endorsed brand specific colour.

Jotun main logo on white background
Jotun main logo with pay-off