Benefits of specialised cargo hold coating

Cargo holds are the revenue earning areas on a bulk carrier, and it’s important to maintain the profitability by keeping the cargo holds in good condition over time.

The Jotaguard 600 series is especially developed to provide:

High Cargo Flexibility 
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Rapid Turnaround 
Less time spent in cleaning and repairing the cargo holds between cargoes means more time spent at sea earning money. Jotaguard 600 series makes the cleaning process smooth and limits the need for repair. When repair is the only choice, the process is fast and simple. 

Long Durability 
With excellent impact and abrasion resistance, combined with strong chemical and thermal resistance, Jotaguard 600 series provides long durability and increased expected service life. 

Short Time To First Cargo 
After docking the vessel, it’s of vital importance that the cargo holds can take on cargo as fast as possible. Jotaguard 600 series requires short time to develop sufficient hardness after application, hence requiring short time prior to loading the first cargo. 

High Docking Speed 
Less time in dock means less time away from the sea earning money. With high surface tolerance and short drying time, Jotaguard 600 series enables the vessel to spend less time in dock than other coatings used in cargo holds.