It's all about our identity!

Visual communications convey important impressions to many types of audiences and groups, and are critical to the success of our business. Just as our product development, marketing and sales are planned and organized, so must our design programme be if it is to be effective.

Style, form, colour and consistency of our total visual identity will tell the world something about our attitude towards competing in the marketplace. If details such as brochures, advertisements, packaging, rolling stock, sign layouts and placement are visually confusing, outdated or disorganized, our customers can hardly be blamed for thinking of Jotun in similar terms. However, if our exposed identity is well planned, designed and coordinated, we can efficiently control the public’s perception of our company.

Our ultimate goal is to enhance the world wide image of Jotun in the mind of the consumers. We must stand out from our competitors and continually strengthen our market positions.

To make this happen we have to ask for your personal commitment. It is your responsibility to ensure that we really ’show our true colours’, and I hope you will make this ambition widely known in your organization and among business partners using our Corporate Identity elements. 

Sverre Knudsen
Vice President
Jotun Multicolor
Jotun Corporate Identity