The Imagination Collection

As one of the leading powder coating companies in the world today, we appreciate the need for finishing options that are equally beautiful and environmentally responsible. With your needs and creative desires in mind, we’ve developed this new collection of finishing options specifically for the furniture industry. The Imagination Collection isn’t a static group of colours and effects. Instead, it continues to develop as the industry does. Just as furniture design is influenced by fashion, art and other design aesthetics, so too is the Imagination Collection. Each included colour was meticulously chosen from dozens of potential candidates. However, these highly desirable shades are just the tip of the creative iceberg. Discover our colours and effects that help bring your design vision to life below.

The Neutrals Range

Inspired by modern minimalist Scandinavian design, the first range of the Imagination Collection features a carefully selected mix of neutral tones. The colours were inspired by the play between light and shadow, and each alluring selection represents a different stage of
 this spectrum.

New Classics Range

This diverse palette of ten contemporary pastels is as much inspired by the softer side of summer as it is by Miami’s Art Deco district. They’re light-hearted and soothing, yet brimming with character.

Industrial Luxe Range

A juxtaposition of luxurious rich tones with an industrial rawness that strikes a stunning balance between indulgence and authenticity. Rustic, earthy and nostalgic in equal measure, this collection symbolises all that is good about rejuvenating the old with a touch of the new. It challenges your perceptions and inspires transformation.