Working in Jotun

Jotun is present in more than 100 countries on all continents. Our activities cover the whole process from research and development to application and maintenance.

Research and development

Laboratory testing

Global and regional R&D laboratories to meet customer needs

Through our cutting edge innovations we protect the environment by reducing marine vessels’ fuel consumption, reducing electricity consumption through heat-reflective paints and producing solvent-free powder coatings.

Our innovations focus on safety, such as our passive fire protecting coatings (intumescent coatings) and interior paints with no hazardous emissions. Our decorative paints are always up-to-date with the latest colours and trends.


Production facilities in Vietnam

Worldwide distribution and local production

Our 37 factories in 21 countries produce different types of paints and coatings. Jotun constantly aims to optimise safety and production efficiency through implementing the LEAN concept worldwide.


Factory at Vindal in Sandefjord, Norway

Safe and modern production facilities

Jotun is a fast-growing company and constantly faces the need for increased production capacity. We meet this need by building factories with state-of-the-art technology as well as increasing the capacity in our existing sites. Monitoring safety aspects and ensuring that operations are in compliance with standards, laws and regulations are also important tasks for our engineers.

Technical service

Technical inspectors at shipyard in India

Highly skilled technical personnel inspect coating quality

Highly skilled specialists around the world ensure that the preparation, application, maintenance and quality control of paint and coatings is carried out in accordance with Jotun’s high standards. This ensures optimum product performance and customer satisfaction.

Sales and marketing

Multicolor shop in India

Quick response to market trends and changes

Jotun serves a wide range of customers and markets worldwide and we have an impressive network of distributors and retailers . We pride ourselves on being able to offer single-source solutions and well as protecting some of the most prestigious landmarks in the world.

Logistics and warehousing

Millions of litres of paint and coatings are produced every day

Jotun has a systematic approach to warehousing

Jotun’s strategy has always been to be close to the customer. This is evident in our approach to logistics and warehousing where we strive to be efficient and flexible in the local market. This also ensures that we avoid unnecessary transportation and emissions, reducing our environmental impact.

Support functions

A relaxed moment with sharing of information

Friendly working atmosphere

To support Jotun's operations, we have specialists providing the organisation with services in areas like HR, Competence, Finance, Technical, HSE, IT/IS, Purchasing, Legal, Communication and Business Development. We offer an international working environment with diverse teams working closely together on local, regional, and global level.