Afsin Elbistan “B” Power Plant ( Turkey - 2000-2003 )

Chemflake Special is definitely the star of this project, as 90,000 square meters space of cooling tower and FGD system is protected by it.

  • Location: NW of Elbistan, Kahramanmaras, Turkey
  • EPC: Hitachi Power Europe
  • Capacity: 4×360 MW
  • Coating: Chemflake Special
  • Reference positions:
    Flue gas desulphurization systems
    Structural steel
    Cooling water pipes (internal and external)
    Concrete cooling towers (internal and external)
    Stock yard machinery
    Coal- and ash conveyer system

This high build, glass flake reinforced vinyl ester coating Chemflake Special was specially designed for steel as well as concrete in aggressive environments, and also for maximum corrosion and chemical protection in high temperature environment.

Afsin Elbistan “B” is another remarkable project with fantastic cross-border cooperation. Good record in HITACHI along with pleasant working experience with local contractors in Turkey enhanced our success in this mega project. 

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