Verasuwan storage tanks ( Thailand - 2016 )

Hardtop AX met all the requirements of the Verasuwan facilities - with exceptional application properties and a durable, nice and glossy finish.

For any operator or owner, appearance is important. A nice finish of the tanks indicates the facilities are well maintained. A robust and glossy paint film ensures the lifetime of the tanks is optimised.

  • Owner: Verasuwan Co., Ltd.
  • Object type: Storage tanks
  • Coatings: Hardtop AX

Verasuwan storage tank looking nice with Hardtop AX

Frankly, Jotun’s product quality is exceptional! The result is nice and shiny when perceived with eyes and hands.
Mr. Sunya Boonyasuwat
Managing Director
Verasuwan Co., Ltd.

Verasuwan oil & gas facilities