Al Deebel, MOL LNG ( Qatar - 2015 )

During drydock in November 2015, Al Deebel was successfully coated with Jotun's high performance coating system at N-KOM shipyard, Qatar.

See Al Deebel in drydock and how Jotun's premium coating system was applied:

Coatings with long-lasting performance were chosen:

Underwater hull
  • Jotamastic 90 was applied in order to provide long-lasting anticorrosive protection. Jotamastic 90 is exceptionally well suited for drydock application as it is fast dry-to-recoat and allows for safe application even in challenging and shifting climate.empty
  • SeaQuantum X200 - as part of Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) - was used in order to provide fouling protection. HPS has been very successful since its launch in 2011 by delivering transparent and guaranteed performance of <1.5% speed loss on average over a 60-month period. LNG carriers are particularly suited to HPS due to their activity profile which is often characterised by high speed and activity.
  • Hardtop AX was selected to provide a long-lasting attractive cosmetic finish. LNG carriers' owners and operators are particularly interested in cosmetic appearance, and this product is able to deliver that. Hardtop AX was launched in 2014 and has developed an enviable reputation for quality; robust finish easily achieved by a hassle free application.