At Jotun, we know that metal furniture and accessories are continuously exposed to wear and tear. For manufacturers, it’s an even greater concern, as tough conditions prevail during assembly, wrapping, transportation, storage, delivery and unwrapping. Making our furniture last longer and keeping it looking brand new is no easy task. That’s why we have created Jotun Guard Endure – a range of powder coatings that offer tougher resistance to marring, scratching and general wear and tear. Available in a wide spectrum of colours, Guard Endure offers better mileage and increases your productivity. 

Jotun’s Guard Endure range of powder coatings can be applied to a wide variety of every day furniture, shop display fixtures and accessories. From interior furniture like chairs and tables, office supplies and decorative items to heavily-used furniture in public spaces, it consistently offers you optimal wear and tear protection. And being a flexible range, Guard Endure can also be used for supermarket and other retail shelving, sliding rails, home organisation racks and industrial storage solutions.

Download our brochure to know more about how Guard Endure protects your furniture and fixtures against scratching and marring.

Brochure - Guard Endure